Legislative Update | April 15, 2024

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TDOT Announces West Knoxville Corridor Strategy Comprehensive Approach to Improve Safety and Mobility To find solutions to congestion issues in and around Knoxville, the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) announced … Read More

Legislative Update | April 8, 2024

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TennCare for Working Individuals with Disabilities Act The TennCare for Working Individuals with Disabilities Act, which establishes a buy-in program so that individuals with disabilities can continue gainfully working without losing their … Read More

Legislative Update | March 4, 2024

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Senate advanced legislation to crack down on crime and hold criminals accountable Strengthening Tennessee’s response to repeat misdemeanor offenders To address the issue of persistent crime, Tennessee lawmakers are prioritizing … Read More

Legislative Survey 2024

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Dear Friend, It is an honor to serve as your state senator. Listening to my constituents is very important to me. I never want to forget the promises I made … Read More