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Recruit Jobs & Grow the Economy

Becky’s top priority for Tennessee is jobs. It is important that we create and retain good paying jobs. We need to support our small businesses which are the backbone of our communities throughout Tennessee. As the Executive Director of the Sertoma Center, Becky knows what it is like to meet a payroll and to develop jobs.

Improve Education and Our Children’s Future

As a graduate of the public school system, Becky is a strong advocate for education. Good schools are the key to jobs and economic success for our children and our communities. Becky is committed to strengthening our education system in Tennessee by attracting and rewarding good teachers.

Cut Waste and Spending

The overspending by our government must stop! Becky has balanced budgets at the non-profit Sertoma Center that she has run for 14 years. But, it’s not only about balancing a budget, it is about making the wisest choice for the state expenditures so our state dollars are maximized and are used in the most beneficial way.

Regulatory Relief

The State Legislature appointed Becky to serve on the Regulatory Relief Task Force for the Department of Intellectual Disabilities. Through her work on this committee in Nashville, she has developed the understanding and determination for streamlining our state government. One of her goals is to make our government more user friendly for all businesses and organizations throughout the state.

Tax Relief

Becky is against a state income tax and she will fight to hold down taxes for small businesses, our senior citizens and all citizens of Tennessee.

Second Amendment

Our Constitution guarantees each individual the right to keep and bear arms to protect their home. Becky is an avid supporter of the second amendment.

Strong Family Values

Becky is solidly pro-life. She knows that the health of families is the cornerstone of a strong community. Her guiding principals are faith, family and community service.

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